User Accounts instead of License Keys

The common way of distributing licenses has always been using license keys (or files). Each time a customer needs more features, they have to get a new license key. Thanks to a cloud-based solution such as SKM, it’s possible to limit the number of licenses a customer needs to keep track of, since you can always change the properties of a license in the control panel.

With the “user login authentication” feature, we want to take distribution of licenses a step further and make it even more seamless for you and your customers. Below are some of the benefits of using user login authentication:

Benefits of User Login Authentication

  • Security – an account is much easier to protect than a license key (SKM has many security mechanisms in place, including two-factor authentication).
  • Time – if your customer loses a license key, they will first of all contact you, which will require more maintenance time per customer (SKM account can always be restored automatically and if more support would be needed, we will take care of it).
  • Trust – every user account comes with an easy-to-use control panel that makes it easier for your customers to manage their licenses.

Getting Started

A quick way to get going with user login authentication is by watching a short video and reviewing an example implementation on GitHub.

Note: In addition to SKM Client API, you need to install Cryptolens.SKM, which requires .NET Framework 4.6.2 or above (or .NET Core 1.0 or above). Cryptolens.SKM targets .NET Standard 1.4, so if you target any other .NET friendly platform, you can find more information here.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact us at support (at)

Useful Facts & Links

We’ve updated the license agreement to comply with GDPR

This week we’ve updated our terms of use, which now includes a new separate document (named Agreement) that clarifies the way your data is processed. In addition, we have also changed the party that provides the service, which is now Cryptolens AB. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforceable in March 2018.

Important Considerations

When your customers are running your application, personal information such as the IP address is sent to Cryptolens AB. GDPR aims to protect users’ privacy, which means that it is important that you have a consent from your customers in doing so.

To make sure that you are compliant, our lawyer has composed an excerpt that you can insert into your agreement.

Binding the agreement to your customers

If you are targeting a large number customers, it may not be feasible to get a signed copy of the agreement. Instead, there are several ways you can make it binding online. We have listed several suggestions below:

  1. Before your customers can use your application, they should have opened a window that shows the Terms of the agreement (if you have your own end user license agreement) together with the Consent to personal data processing.
  2. It must be ensured that your customers have read the documents before they can use your application. There are different ways to do this and a function with a non-pre-filled box can be used. The customer must actively tick the box to approve the Terms of the agreement and the Consent to personal data processing.

If you would have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Updating pricing for better accessibility

Several days ago, we updated our pricing page with the aim of making SKM more customized to your business needs. Before, we had three types of subscriptions, but we quickly realized that all our customers had different requirements of the set of tools they need (eg. licensing, payments and analytics). Therefore, we want to focus on giving you the tools that better satisfy your requirements.

This means that we will use a usage based licensing model where you only pay for the modules you use and their usage. However, we also plan to introduce a standard pricing tier that can be used by those without specific requirements. This is coming soon, already in the beginning of next month. Using this approach, we hope that we can help both early stage startups as well as larger enterprises with custom needs.

In general, this change will increase the price of our core licensing offering. This only affects customers that registered a subscription in 2017 (i.e. those of you who had a subscription before 2017 will not be affected). We understand that this can have an impact on your plans, which is why we have developed a general procedure of how this change is implemented:

  • If your subscription is about to expire (or has expired), you will get up to 3 months for the same price as before.
  • Within those 3 months, we will give you an offer based on your needs.
  • In specific cases, we are ready to adjust the rules above (eg. generally for start ups and/or students).

The reason behind the changes is because SKM has evolved from being a hobby-project into a real company. This means that we can invest into better infrastructure, focus on upgrades and new features, and be able to provide a system that is compliant with various types regulations (for example, we are already GDPR compliant).

But most importantly, our goal is to ensure that you can focus on the core features of your application, and not have to think about licensing and payments.

For example, we have recently released support for platforms using C++, new Web API methods and many other updates. In the coming week, we will release even more visible changes, such as the “User Login Authentication” project, which is a new and more secure way of licensing applications. Please keep visiting our blog for more information.

To sum up, we do everything we can to stay innovative and provide you with a modern licensing system that you can rely on.