We want to help developers to improve their software by making software licensing, payments and analytics more affordable and simple-to-use. We achieve this using Serial Key Manager Platform (SKM) — a cloud based licensing as a service.

Using SKM, developers can focus on the features that really matter to their customers by outsourcing licensing, payments and analytics.


Email: support (at) skmapp.com

OfficeYou can visit us at the address below. Please contact us using our email so that we can book a meeting. Coffee/tea is always included!

Lindstedsvägen 24 (4th floor)


The development of Serial Key Manager (SKM) started out as a hobby project in late 2013, with the aim to bring mobility and centralized control to Software Protector/SKGL users.

The core driving force behind SKGL and Serial Key Manager has been Artem’s frustration with other licensing systems, that are both difficult to use and very expensive. We believe that licensing should be simple and affordable, so that developers can focus on making great applications!

In 2014, SKM entered into KTH Innovation to get help to develop the business side of the project. Later, in 2015, we won the KTH Innovation Challenge and received additional support. That’s when SKM evolved from being a hobby-project into a business.